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 Art in the Bottle

2017 Illumination

Painted during 2009 harvest, the first in the new building, this depicts the winery at night with fruit loaded on the truck.  Still unfinished, we choose to use it as he left it.  Our first bottling with this label was a 2007 single barrel blend Jacob had tucked in the corner, Zinfandel, Carménère and Grenache.  We named it Illumination in his memory and in eternal gratitude for lighting up our lives.  Zachary continues to make Illumination.

2017 Infinity

The 1955 Ford truck was one of Ray Dubost’s “fleet” of old vehicles.  Jacob drove it for a while and this painting depicts the truck on Old Creek Road with Whale Rock Reservoir and the ocean in the background.  This is the only one of the four paintings that was finished.  A gift to Curt, his stepfather, it is inscribed with, “Remembering where we’ve come from and where we are going.”  Love always, Jacob.

A Rhone white blend from the Adelaida district, it is the premier vintage of Infinity and the only one to date.  We named the wine Infinity. The view across the reservoir into the ocean makes us think of an infinity pool.  

We will have another Infinity available in August 2024!


2018 Jacob's Ladder

The most unfinished of his art, this depicts a view of the winery from the hills above.  When asked to finish the painting, Jacob’s father, Jon Raines took up his brush.  The result is a joint work by father and son - the signature a blend of both.  The label won Best of Class of the 2021 Mid-State Fair for best representing the Central Coast.

Zachary put together another award winning blend from estate grapes, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Grenache for this the first vintage of Jacob’s Ladder.  He chose the name “Jacob’s Ladder”. The winery was Jacob’s ladder to heaven.

2019 Vingence: 

A painting done during harvest in 2009, the first in the new building and sadly the last for Jacob.  Dia de los Muertos was not generally a style Jacob painted.  We were perplexed until upon closer look we discovered what it represented.  The Barrel Thief.  The character on the right as you face the label has a glass “thief” in his hand, used for “thieving” wine from a barrel for tasting.  His hat has been knocked off, his glass of wine in the air and his teeth are red from tasting our wine.  The second figure is the winemaker, punchdown tool in one hand and a small grey bucket in the other.  Jacob always carried a small grey bucket for his equipment during fermentation.  A self portrait?  We think so.  

Zachary has paid homage to Jacob’s more eclectic blending style by creating unique red blends for each vintage of this wine we call “Vingence”.  A purposeful misspelling with the French for wine, vin.