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Kate Dubost
December 18, 2023 | Monthly Newsletter | Kate Dubost


Traditions. They are important. They give consistecy to our lives and additional meaning to their seasons. 
At the winery we have them, especially around harvest. Traditionally we pour champagne on the first harvest bin. Zachary traditionally grows a harvest beard. We pull out tubs of decorations for the season, whatever it may be, for the tasting room. During the Christmas holiday, our great winery neighbors stop by with wine or sweet treats. 
This year once again the tubs will be brought out both for home and the winery. As they are unpacked, the ornaments and decorations will remind me of the years that came before and the people who gave us special ones, who made them or where we got them. The lights will be checked to make sure they still light up. 
There seems to be light in some form associated with holidays around the world. This year we attended the Downtown Paso Holiday Lighting Ceremony with our grandaughter, Kali, visiting from Texas. It was a light filled magical memory to be able to experience that with her. 
Whatever your traditions or holidays during this season may they be filled with light and magical memories. 
Kate Dubost


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