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Kate Dubost
November 23, 2023 | County Club | Kate Dubost

Thankful - Count our Blessings

On Thanksgiving, someone always says grace. Regardless of what our every day meal ritual may be it seems essential to this holiday. It is for the pause, the quiet thanks for love and for our blessings, before the shoveling begins. We acknowledge that this food and wine didn't just magically appear: someone grew it, ground it, bought it, baked it, made it, bottled it. 
We are thankful for the plentiful food, our time on the couch digesting it, and the day spent basking in doing nothing else. We savor these moments and our opportunity to work and play together. We are thankful that winegrowing has brought the additional blessing of friends twenty fold.  
We are aware of Someone's great and abiding generosity to our dear and motley group of family and friends. We say thank you and pray to be mindful to the needs of others. Whatever its form we acknowledge our blessings in a holy moment of gratitude. That is "grace" and we are filled with it. 
We wish you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings!
From all of us at Dubost
Inspired by:
Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers
Anne Lamott


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