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Kate Dubost
May 22, 2024 | Monthly Newsletter | Kate Dubost

Growth in the Vineyard


May at Dubost is a month filled with growth in the vineyard, maintenance of wines in barrel in preparation for bottling, and one of my favorite things, festivals, and events. It is a month full of hard, rewarding work. It is also the month we stop to honor Mothers and Veterans. 
The job of mothering is not unlike the job we have with all that is in our care here at the vineyard and winery. Caring for vines, controlling the weeds, seeding the garden, and protecting chickens against predators - these are all our daily battles and joys. A budding vine, a new wine, the first seedlings, a fresh egg. Always cause for celebration, the beginning of vigilance and the fight to keep everyone and everything safely protected and thriving. 
While we fight the small fights in the vineyard and winery let’s not forget the big fights and sacrifices made by our veterans. This month we remember and honor those who fought for our freedom, our democracy, and our way of life - our veterans. 
My father was stationed in Europe during World War II. He was with the Army Corp of Engineers who set up encampments ahead of the troop’s arrival. He was one of the lucky ones. He returned to Oklahoma to start a career as an engineer, marry, and raise a family, his next big challenge with five of us to nurture and protect. 
So here is to all mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and godparents who serve or have served our country and continue to nurture the lives of their families! And maybe even a vine, a garden, and a chicken or two!
With love and appreciation, 
Kate Dubost


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