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Kate Dubost
November 6, 2023 | Monthly Newsletter | Kate Dubost

Falling for Dubost

So deep within the active eve's late crush -
the work of auger's, de-stemmer's screw,
when rubber gears dost turn the grapes to must
so needed is the force of SO2.
Solutions mist dost bite upon my hand!
Oh SO2, so violent your rapport!
My skin turned into paper fleck'd with sand
and moisture once been plentiful, no more!
But thou protest for nature's yeast is stopped
preserved now the grapes remain in state
especially with dry ice, bins be topped
to turn to wine now is the grapes' new fate.
So though to leather now my skin has turned
at least thy need is fully known and learn'd.
William Makesbeer
I found this "sonnet" in one of Jacob's binders years ago now. Written in his hand and taped with blue painters tape to the page. The tape he used to label the barrels and "shiner" bottles. I have no idea if he wrote it but there were corrections/edits so I have always assumed he did. He was a good writer.
I think it may only partially capture the agony and perhaps some of the ecstasy of harvest. The full range of which both Jacob experienced and Zachary is still experiencing on an even larger scale.
Deciding to take it slow this harvest and just process what little fruit we would pull of our vineyard put Lucas and I in the drivers' seats looking at each other and scratching our heads. I want to say that we could not have done it without the help of our friends. Josh, Phil, Ryan, Jacob T. It really does take a village AND technology as we relied on Zack's guidance long distance. Thanks to you all and to you, Lucas, for going for it!
Harvest 2023 is done for us now. It is a nostalgic one for me. I have now helped to make wine with all three of my sons. Jacob, Zachary and Lucas. I consider myself blessed - I hope they do as well.
This season's blessing to all of you and prayers for peace in this ole world of ours.
Kate Dubost


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