About Us


Our wines are a reflection of our way of life, and mission.

We have strived to be good stewards of the land with which we have been blessed for five generations. Our family vineyards and winery have been developed with the goal of producing wines which will carry the family name with pride and allow us to keep our family ranch for the generations to come. To that end, we produce fine wines in which we have the same pride as we have in our family and our family legacy.


The Dubost Family left the Cherbourg region of France after the Franco-Prussian War of 1871 to escape the violence of Europe. They were blacksmiths by trade and immigrated to Hawaii and the Black Hills of South Dakota before settling on the Central California Coast.

Adelaida at that time was a populous area with many miners and homesteaders and the Dubosts operated a General Store, Post Office and Dance Hall to serve the neighborhood. Alexandrine was the post mistress for many years and her son Raymond farmed the ranch for over 90 years operating the local telephone company until 1960. There is an historical marker at the site of the old store and post office commemorating the town of Adelaida and the role played by the Dubost family.

The vineyards and winery are on 320 acres of hillsides in the heart of Adelaida. The climate and limestone soils are perfect for producing premium grapes and the straw bale winery is a model for sustainable production facility.


Raymond’s son, Curt, returned to the area to serve as principal and then superintendent for the nearby Templeton School District with the desire to develop and live on the family ranch. He planted an additional walnut orchard and with his wife, Kate, became interested in olive trees for oil, planting several hundred for oil production.

Kate retired from teaching (math) to oversee the building of the winery, additional vineyard development and all the details of developing a label and selling wine. She has now become the person responsible for sales and marketing as well as head cheerleader.

When Jacob Raines (Kate’s oldest son) became interested in growing grapes and making wine in 1998, a bigger picture started to emerge. The first grapes were planted in 2002. Jacob has been making wine continuously since 2003 and those wines were our first releases. Jacob’s talent and passion has led us to this great adventure!

Curt’s older son, Ted, next moved back to the ranch to care for his grandfather, Raymond, and has planted an additional 11 acres of dry farmed grapes and olives.

Kate’s youngest son, Zachary, and his family, Vanessa, Cameron and Kali have moved to Adelaida as well. They are involved in both wine production and developing our fruit, nut and produce, including persimmons and pomegranates.